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08/18/2006:Just updated a few things, got rid of some old/outdated information.

06/17/2004: So the Website's new template is up! yay! I'm finally completely satisfies with my website's look. It took awhile (and a few *odd* templates) but it's definitely improving.

If you are just dying to know more about me and what I do, just email me at kaistarfire@

Welcome! You want to know more about me.

Let me start this off by saying this is all very ironic because one of my least favorite colors is pink, but we'll see what we can do. :-)

I am currently entering my 9th year of running the silver galaxy. I learned html code just to create it, and it expanded from there. I graduated with a BA in English from Northern Arizona University last August (2005). I would like to move on to a career that utilizes my desire for storytelling. Eventually, I'd like to open a Christian Fine/Performing Arts University. But I'm done with school for right now while I create a portfolio. When I'm feeling suicidal again, I'll go for grad school.
I am also married (Wedding), and to a MARINE! (echoing that line from Grease) so that's definitely brought an interesting aspect to my life. Okay, enough of that, here are some interesting facts about moi....

-Name? Karina Prieto Jacobs, aka "Kina"
-Birthday? Feb. 16, 1984
-Height: 5'2" and shrinking!
-Eye color: d. brown
-Hair Color: d.brown with highlights
-Piercings: ears
-Tattoos: None
-Birthplace: West Covina, CA
-Hometown: Mesa, AZ
-Current Residence: Oceanside, CA
-Married? Yes, to Seth.
-Pets: Two turtles - Spike and Stump of Wood, Three Budgies - Christmas, Kalutey Flutey, and Lost July, Cat- Nala
-What are your fears? Bees, throwing up, losing people I love
-Do you wear contacts or glasses? yes, both, but not at once
-Your personality type: extroverted in social situations, but I mostly keep to myself and my brain.
-Do you think you're attractive? Sure, I think so. There are some days when I'm not so sure, but whatever
-Do you like yourself? yeah
-Your future kids names: if I have any...definitely, I like the name Aiden, (but it suddenly became overused), I also like NovaLee for a girl.
-Who is the person that knows the most about you: Seth
-What do you do? I assume you mean work. I am the Media Services Assistant/techie in training.
-Car: 2001 VW Jetta

-Song: currently, Working on a Mystery by Tom Petty
-Movie: Star Wars. Period. The saga is now complete.
-Holiday: Christmas. It's such a warm, beautiful time of the year (hence the winter wedding) then Halloween (it's fun to scare people too!).
-Vegetable: tomato
-Fruit: lemon
-Meat: nicely cooked steak with a dash of A1
-Candy: gummy worms/bears/reptiles(?)
-Gum: Big Red or Juicy Fruit
-Place to visit: beaches on temperate, breezy days and lake nestled in the mountains
-Salad Dressing: Vinegar, Oil, salt, pepper and lemon
-Color: Red
-Jewelry To Wear: 1. my wedding ring , 2. hand carved necklace from Nigeria, 3. earring/necklace set Seth made for me
-Sport to play: ha ha ha! that's a good one!
-Brand of shoes: Cons Classic Chucks, and Sam and Libby (even though they divorced)
-Day of the week: Thursday. There's a great energy in the air for Friday.
-TV Show: X-Files. We own all 9 season.
-Word or phrase: Well, and my catch phrase changes all the time.
-Restaurant: Jackson's Grill, Ayako's of Tokyo, Filibertos
-Flower: Gerbera Daisies.
-Type of Ice cream: Hmmm, Dreyer's Strawberry Fields or cookies and cream
-Drink: Shirley temple (with spiced rum)

-Have you ever been convicted of a crime? oh yeah, that triple homicide down the street was me...
-Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? ooh, um, Windors...mmmm...
-Been toilet-papering? yes, my 6th grade teacher's house. tee hee hee...
-Been in a car accident? yes.
-Croutons or Bacon Bits: bacon bits

-Career/Family: illustrator, writer, yes, perhaps kids.
-Where do you see yourself in 5 years: still married and creating artistic stories, working on "the book."
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years: still married, a well-known writer/artist. "The book" is complete and published. I will be opening a Christian High School, then pursuing opening a Christian Fine/performing arts university.

-The most embarrassing CD in your collection? Britney Spears
-Your favorite thing for breakfast? er, eggs
-Your favorite thing for lunch? tuna sandwiches
-Your favorite thing for dinner? meat, rice, and a salad
-Your religion? I am a Christian

-Coke or Pepsi? Coke, can't beat that "It's eating away at my teeth!!!" feeling
-Oranges or apples: oranges
-One pillow or two? one or zero
-Pools or hot tubs? pools, hot tubs give me bloody noses
-Dress or Skirt? I like dresses
-Peace/ying yang/smiley face? smiley face, you just have to smile with you see it.

Alright, well, if that didn't answer all your questions (plus some) Feel free to contact.

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